Blue Jigsaw Puzzle Chess Set 19.68" x 19.68"



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      Standard size chess board - Tournament size, Field size 55 mm, board size 50 cm.
      Perfect for travel and easy packing - portable chess board
      JigChess - jigsaw puzzle 4x4 - 16 pieces
      Made of fine, white rigid PVC foam sheet
      Have your own unique JigChess board

      This JigChess Board is perfect for all chess players. It's new on the market. Have fun while assembling this board and use it as a standard, tournament chess board. Because it can be easily packed in a small bag or package, it is also perfect for travel or to carry along.

      Plastic Chessmen / Pieces, Staunton design, wide feet, felted, in polybag.

      Dimensions (height|width at the bottom):
      King: 9,6 cm | 3,7 cm
      Queen: 7,5 cm | 3,6 cm
      Rook: 4,6 cm | 3,2 cm
      Bishop: 6,5 cm | 3,1 cm
      Knight: 5,8 cm | 3,2 cm
      Pawn: 4,5 cm | 2,7 cm

      Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 month.
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