Dogs Chess Set - Handmade Stonecast with two extra Queens and Optional Chess Mat


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      A gorgeous handmade stone cast doggy chess set for all us dog lovers out there ☺.

      This is a lovely solid little set with a good weight and a nice cold and solid stone feel.

      The King is nearly three inches in height with a base of just under an inch so the set would suit a board with 1 inch squares or more. The board picture, has squares of 2.25 inches.


      We hand cast each piece then paint, stain, lacquer and cure them to give a durable high quality result yet still retaining a certain ceramic and antique finish.

      Colors available:

      Unless you specify otherwise the colors for this set are Deep Walnut and Aged Sandstone. If you would prefer any other colors then just let us know and I'll be more than happy to oblige.

      Queen Me:

      This set comes with two extra queens for those of you who are lucky enough to get a pawn all the way down to the other end of the board and don't want to scrabble around looking for something to use as an extra queen.

      Vinyl Chess Mat:

      This set also comes with an optional vinyl chess mat/board so you can start playing as soon as you receive it. This is a black and white mat with 2 inch squares and is tough, durable and wipe clean.

      If you would like this option then simply select it when purchasing.


      Each piece is individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then the whole set. This is then packed in a sturdy cardboard box into which is packed polystyrene peanuts for extra padding.

      Sets are usually dispatched within a couple of working days, unless you specify an unusual color in which case you might, but not always, have to wait an extra day.

      Shipping average time to the US - 4-6 weeks

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