Planika is the exclusive manufacturer of the Fanola® fuel. Only natural components of plant origin are used in its production.
While burning no smoke, soot or ash is emitted and its impact on the natural environment is neutral.

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FANOLA® ethanol fuel for fireplace

Fanola® is a premium-quality ecological ethanol fireplace fuel based on alcohol, which is obtained through the fermentation of sugar and starch contained in raw products of plant origin called biomass. It provides a very clean burning process without smoke, smell or ash. The only by-products are heat as well as water vapour and CO2 in insignificant amounts.

Bioethanol constitutes a very clean source of renewable energy that is considerably more efficient than conventional fuels. All of this make Fanola® a perfect fuel for bio fireplaces.

The product has been tested and found to comply with the most stringent standards of quality and safety, as proved by the EcoFuel certificate. Fanola® ethanol for fireplace is therefore safe for both humans and the environment.

When using Fanola® fuel, please follow the instructions specified on the labelling and in the user’s manual. The product demonstrates neutral impact on the environment.


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Why Fanola®?

Fanola® is a biofuel developed specifically for ethanol fireplaces and is being used and recommended by the leading trade producers. Thanks to Fanola® bio fireplaces are fully mobile interior design elements that do not require any hard connections.

Comparison tests of the available ethanol fireplace fuels on the market ran on a group of 100 users showed that 93% of them indicated Fanola® as the most pleasant in use.

Features & Conditions of burning:

  • no smoke or unpleasant smell during the burning process
  • approved safety of usage
  • burning by-products: heat, water vapor and CO2(comparable to the amounts of human breath)
  • complete burning without any residue, soot, ashes or harmful substances
  • no need for additional ventilation

Detailed conditions of burning the Fanola ethanol fireplace fuel can be found in the user’s manual on the label


Fanola® is a biologically clean fuel that emits no harmful substances and does not affect the air quality during the burning process.

After numerous test carried out by the specialists from National Hygiene Institute (, Fanola® received a positive opinion.

What is more, Fanola® has been licensed to display the EcoFuel Safety Certificate which ensures its compliance with the strict European Union environmental, quality and performance standards.

Frequently asked questions

Is FANOLA® safe

Yes. The safety of FANOLA® has been certified by EcoFuel and PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene).

How long does it burn for?

It depends on the fireplace model. The Producer can provide an approximate time for a given unit. Please contact us for more information.

Is FANOLA® environmentally friendly?

Yes. It is a special alcohol based liquid. It emits only carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor in amounts similar to those in human breath.

What is the safety guarantee?

There is a 100% safety guarantee if the ethanol for fireplace is used in accordance to the instruction and user’s manuals.

Do you need additional ventilation?

No. You do not need any additional ventilation. Natural air circulation (1 per hour) is sufficient.

Can I use a bio fireplace in any indoor space?

You can use bio fireplaces in most interiors ensuring appropriate air circulation and safe distance from flammable materials.

Does the use of Fanola® lead to e.g. ceiling sooting?

No. Fanola® ethanol fuel burns completely clean. However, you should keep a minimum distance of 39” from the ceiling.

How do you store the liquid?

You should keep it away from any source of fire. The optimal storage temperature is between 59°F – 95°F.

Can I pour fuel into a working bio fireplace?

You must never pour ethanol fuel onto an open fire. After extinguishing the flame, you should wait a few minutes for the burner to cool down. Only then you can refill with Fanola®.

Is there any smell while burning Fanola®?

No, there is no smell, because CO2 and water vapor are odorless substances.


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